Foley artist D. Adomaityte: how the body becomes an instrument

Foley artists, otherwise known as sync noise makers, are people who create sounds for motion pictures, animation and documentaries. It is they who, using various objects and their bodies, voice not only characters’ actions—blows, the sounds of clashing weapons, footsteps, or the rustling of clothes—but also natural phenomena, like rain or flickering flames. “Breaking celery […]

The Tallinn Black Nights Flim Festival begins: Conversation With the Programmer, Edvinas Pukšta

On November 3rd, the most important film event in Northern Europe began: the Tallinn Black Nights Flim Festival. In just over two weeks, many important film premieres will take place, cinema industry professionals and film creative teams from all over the world will congregate in the capital of Estonia. Lithuanian film critic and film scout Edvinas Pukšta also contributed to the program compilation of the only A-class festival in Northern Europe. At the beginning of “Black Nights”, he agreed to tell the Vilnius Film Office a few interesting details about the backstage of international festivals, the Baltic countries’ cinema scene and what makes films successful.

Costume designer Rūta Lečaitė: If I work on a film project, I fall in love with it

Rūta Lėčaitė is a costume designer who worked on such films as “Vesper”, “Runner”, “Chernobyl”, “Parade”, “The Generation of Evil” and “Nova Lituania”. This year, In Lithuania the artist was nominated for the “Silver Crane” award for the costumes in the motion picture “January” and in Latvia she won an award in the same category. We meet with Rūta in her studio, where, among many costumes and accessories, work is in full swing for a new film project. She opens up to us about the everyday life of a costume designer and shares her thoughts on the changing film industry in a conversation initiated by the Vilnius Film Office. Rūta, let’s start from the beginning: how did you discover cinema, and why did you choose this particular career path?

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