Irma Pužauskaitė is a filmmaker and the director of the film “The Ninth Step”, which was recently screened in cinemas. Not everyone knows that Irma is also an intimacy coordinator. In other words, she helps to ensure that certain boundaries are not crossed during the shooting of intimate scenes. One of the first intimacy coordinators in the Baltic countries, she is also the founder of the “Baltic Intimacy Professionals” network, which brings together professionals in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In this interview, Irma tells the Vilnius Film Office about her little-known profession and its peculiarities.

Irma, when did you realize that you were interested not only in directing but also in the profession of intimacy coordinator?

I came to the cinema industry 15 years ago, but even before that, I was very interested in this area of work. Perhaps I liked that momentary escape from reality and the new perspective that movies open up. At the same time, I was very interested in psychology and emotional well-being.

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