The name of Vilnius continuously echoes in the film industry, and the capital is noticed by the filmmakers from around the globe. In the list of films and TV series offered by the online television giant Netflix there are numerous detectives, dramas, comedies and even sci-fi films and series filmed in Vilnius. Vilnius Film Office recommends 10 TV series and films created by Netflix and filmed in Vilnius, which can be enjoyed without even leaving your home.

Stranger Things, season 4

One would be hard- pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen the extremely popular American horror sci-fi series Stranger Things. The fourth season of this story was also filmed in Vilnius and Vilnius District, for example, in the very popular among the filmmakers Lukiškės prison. Lithuanian actor Vaidotas Martinaitis has also made an appearance in the fourth season.


Clark – Swedish TV series, based on one of the most controversial personalities in the contemporary Swedish history – Clark Olofsson’s – autobiography. The criminal became infamous around the globe, due to the disturbing, greatest Stockholm bank robbery, after which the term Stockholm Syndrome became widely used.

The viewers of the series can see many iconic places of Vilnius – Užupis which became Christiania, Odminai square, Vilnius Town Hall and Lukiškės Prison, which played the role of 5 different imprisonment institutions!

The Playlist

The Playlist tells the creation story of the Swedish music platform Spotify based on true events. Only a few know that the series which appeared on Netflix, last year, was filmed in offices and filming pavilions in Vilnius. Furthermore, professionals from Lithuania greatly contributed towards the creation of the series – for example, technical props’ engineers, who created the props and assisted in installing the programmers’ office which features frequently in the series.


Norwegian political series Occupied filmed in Vilnius, will intrigue the viewers who are interested in the political themes. The story transports to Norway – at the time when it was decided to suspend oil production, a new government scenario is being played out. The series immortalises many places of the capital – from Pacai Hotel to the small streets of the old town or the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences building, which in the series turns into Norway’s Supreme Court House. Lithuanian actor Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė also plays a role in the series.

Young Wallander

If you like detectives, you have probably already seen the series Young Wallander, inspired by the greatly popular Henning Mankell novels. Even though the action of the story takes place in contemporary Sweden, both seasons of the series were filmed in Lithuania. The main character of the TV series – the cult personality detective Kurt Wallander. Recently graduated police officer encountered his first case. A particularly complicated case draws K. Wallander into a hate crime in his own neighbourhood and provokes a wave of dissatisfaction in society. The viewers will recognise in the series Sapiegos Mansion Park, quite a few restaurants of the capital, Lukiškės Prison, Šeškinė which played the role of Malmö and Vilnius street which became the place of protest.

Tokyo Trial

Tokyo Trial – a historical drama about a legal process which began 1946 Japan, immediately after WWII. In Japan, 11 judges from around the world, spent two and a half years , solving a historical case deciding the fate of more than 28 US and Japan war criminals.

In the TV film filmed in Lithuania and Japan, in 2015, one can see not only the world-famous actors who created the characters of the main judges like Marcel Hensema, Jonathan Hyde, Paul Freeman, Irrfan Khan, but also Lithuanian film actors like Kęstutis Jakštas and Gabija Jaraminaitė.

Tokyo Trial  was filmed in Vilnius Philharmonic, Vilnius University Botanical Gardens and in other places of Lithuania and its capital.

The Last Czars

The Last Czars – transports the viewers to the early of 20th century Russia, where the drama of the royal Romanov family comes to life. The series intertwines documentary explanations by world-class historians and dramatic scenes.

The series was filmed in Verkiai Mansion, which became the Count Yusupov residence in Moscow. The viewers will also see the Orthodox Cathedral of the Theotokos, Franciscan Monastery, Trakų Vokė Mansion, Vaidila Theatre, Alexander Pushkin Literary Museum.


Bordertown – another series for the lovers of criminal detective stories. Finnish creators’ work tells the story of a police detective, who after a family tragedy moves to a small town. The protagonist’s dreamt of peace does not last long – soon he is drawn into a mysterious web of murders. Vilnius Old Town played the role of the Finnish Lappeenranta town.

Blood,  Sex and Royalty

This Netflix series – is a contemporary look at the 16th century English monarch’s – Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn love story. The docudrama series is based on the comments of the historians and experts and reveals numerous piquant secrets of the royal couple’s life. The English history books brought the film crew to the Palace of Grand Dukes in Vilnius.


On 27 July, a special premiere on Netflix – a sci-fi film Paradise. For the fans of the Black Mirror stylistics, we recommend a futuristic love story which was one of the largest projects in Lithuania in the most recent years. According to Lithuanian film industry professionals who worked in the project, we will see Vilnius in this film very different from usual. Whether it is true, we will find out for certain very soon.

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